Trade and Investment

Australian investment projects are globally oriented, ranging from traditional industries such as agriculture and mining to emerging industries such as information and communication technology and biotechnology. Over the past 20 years, the Australian economy has continued to improve and foreign investment in Australia has kept growing. The high quality of life and fair legal system in Australia make it a safe and reliable investment country. Australia is recognized by high-net-worth individuals worldwide and is also one of the most economically adaptable countries in the world. Australia’s political stability, social democracy, transparent policies and sound legal system have given investors full confidence in the Australian market.

Kingway works strategically with Magmell to provide a comprehensive service for investment and trade related visa applications. This aids in connecting international investors to investment ready projects. They assist both parties in finding an appropriate industry to set up a business connection as well as providing investment related advice. Essentially, Magmell creates a ‘one stop shop’ for applicants. They pre-screen preferred partners to provide an efficient process that is trustworthy and minimizes risk exposure for a new investment. The Magmell team has an extensive business network built up over years of consulting that will give applicants clarity and choices resulting in optimal decisions.


Magmell creates a ‘one stop shop’ for the applicant.

By working with Magmell, Kingway offers services to business migrants and investors including:

Providing Australian Industry Brief to visa applicants

Seeking potential investment opportunities and business partners

Searching for product supplier

Assisting with business set up in Australia

Provide visa compliance exporting advice to clients

Provide client investment advice and services between China-Australia

Help client set up business linkage with supplier and relevant governmental statutory or regulatory department

Facilitating virtual and face to face meetings with investors and suppliers

Introduce latest Australian product information, to reduce the time and human capital costs of clients in doing business in Australia

Planning client’s business exploratory visit to Australia.