Real Estate and Settlement

We understand attaining visa approval is only the first step in your migration journey, so in the past years we try to offer more complete service to clients. By not only providing visa and investment services but also providing settlement services to new arrivals to ensure our clients feel confident and supported in a new country.

Business and Investment Facilitation Service includes:

Introducing local accounting firm and legal services

Advising clients whether business or investment meet visa compliance

Providing regular monitoring service to client’s business and investments to ensure it meets with visa requirements

Introducing business broker and conveyancer for business purchasing

Making appointments with state migration department

if required

Provide ongoing updates on migration policies

Share client success stories

Provide updates for export opportunities and product recommendation

Find property development opportunity for client

Provide citizenship application update

Assist with family members and relatives visiting visa application. We will meet your special needs

if required

Real Estate Investment Service

Real estate investment in Australia is favored by many investor migrants, especially 132 Business Talent Visa applicants. Reasons: Reliable investment in land, which can always be used as collateral for investment. The investment cycle is perfect for two years business activities review. Good opportunity to earn steady returns. Compared to trading, it is easier to manage, and takes less time to apply. The South Australian government has majority of 132 applicants, the original requirements of investment in real estate was no less than $3 million. After July 14 2017, to attract more investors, the requirements of investment in real estate decreased to $1.5 million. After the outbreak of COVID-19, the real estate industry began an unprecedented boom. Kingway had many successful experiences in helping the Skilled Business Migrants applicants invest in real estate since 2006, our clients did not just meet the investment requirements, they also became the winner in real estate investment. Services we provide for Skilled Business Migrants (especially for 132 applicants):

• Consultation and advice on whether real estate projects meet immigration requirements.

• Recommend real estate investment projects that meet immigration requirements.

• Introduce quality construction developers, sales agents, real estate agents.

• Recommend land and real estate lawyers.

• Assist customers in sorting out real estate development project management documents.

• After the completion of the project, submission of State nomination sponsorship application.

• Submit application for removal of real estate project from USCIS 132 business activities review.

Settlement Service, we assist in:

Providing instructions on preparing for border-entry, airport pick-up service

Arranging itinerary, border-entry notice and advice during COVID-19

Consultation of choosing schools, applying for local schools for children, provide enrollment information on public schools and private schools

Post-arrival initial banking service

Preparing border-entry documents

Booking flight tickets and accommodation

Contacting Australian financial exchange company

Activating temporary cell phone numbe

Activating offshore accounts

Applying for tax number

Providing rental information (if needed), and rental recommendation letter (for rental and application)

Translating Chinese driver’s license (charge for translation fees) and finding driving instructor

Providing information on applying for Australian driver’s license

Purchasing cars and insurances

Making appointment for 510 hours English training course

Applying for private health insurance

Purchase of housing, recommend real estate agent, real estate transfer manager and mortgage consultant

Resource Centre

Recommendation on Real Estate Projects

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