Overseas Study and Education

The Chinese team of Kingway International & Education Services Pty Ltd was founded in 1998 as the China Service Center for Overseas Study, Yunnan Branch, the New Australia Division. They have many years of experience in providing overseas study services, international education and related services in China and Australia.

Based on years of business cooperation and industry experiences, adhering to the concept of professional, efficient and friendly services, Kingway recommends suitable Australian universities, secondary schools and other higher education institutions for overseas students. In the past 20 years, Kingway has helped many overseas students study in Australia successfully. Kingway is currently the recruitment agent for the Department of Education for the South Australian Government, the level-one recruitment agent for the South Australian Private Schools Elite League, the South Australian vocational and further education schools, and the level-two recruitment agent for three South Australian universities and several universities in other Australian states.

Kingway provides not only overseas study and visa services for the students, but also provides professional advice for migration, employment and business visas after their graduation. Skilled Business Visas are one of the features of our services, including self-employment migration, independent and skilled regional visa, skilled employer sponsored regional visa and graduate business innovation and investment visa. Kingway team has established a strategic cooperation investment platform and built a relationship with the industrial incubation center of well-known universities, so that graduates can not only achieve the success of their entrepreneurial career, but also have a secure visa path through their innovative business plan.

Kingway has many experienced consultants,migration agents registered with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (Office of the MARA), and professional translation services provided by NAATI.

In addition to basic services such as visa application, document translation, school transfer and school selecting, Kingway also arranges resettlement service and study follow-up service for international students. This is to ensure that students who are in a foreign country for the first time will not feel lost, and we can also apply for a student guardian visa for parents of young international students.

Services we provide:


Choose a suitable school according to the student’s condition and requests.


Provide visa advice to students, collate and collect the application materials and apply for admission


Apply for a student visa


Accompany student to school interview

(if required)

Follow up student visa application, school interview/examination results


Arrange medical examination for student


If necessary, apply for a student guardian visa for the student’s parent


Arrange accommodation after the student arrive in Australia


Follow up on student enrollment and subsequent studies


Assist parents to communicate with the school


Consulting service on Skilled migration after students’ graduation.

Overseas Study Resource Centre

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