Client Testimony

Dr. Liang , Former Lecturer at The University of South Australia, Aviation, Current Lecturer of RMITApplicant of Global Talent Visa

I am currently living and working in Victoria a full-time lecturer at RMIT. Thanks to the professional and caring team at Kingway when I was worked in University of South Australia in Adelaide. I was able to successfully apply for the Global Talent Visa during the COVID-19 pandemic. Kingway provided the best recommendations and prepared all the materials needed for the application which resulted in a smooth process. I received my permanent residency in South Australia within a month. Thanks to Kingway my dreams of settling in Australia came true!

Mr. John Huang, the founder of Australian Green Gold EnergyThe visa holder of 132 visa

I came to Australia in 2017 to invest in solar power plants and apply for migration. I was introduced to Kingway from a friend but what really impressed me was my initial consult with Dorothy. She is professional and extremely knowledgeable. I did not hesitate to appoint her as my migration agent to help me apply for the 132 Business Talent Visa. It took 2 months to prepare the documents and I got the state nomination within 1 week after submitting the application. Kingway was dedicated and assisted me throughout the process with organizing information. Their staff communicated with me in a timely manner which resulted in the success of my Australian permanent residency. I am thankful to Kingway who are always dedicated to help their clients.

Tom TianThe visa holder of 188/888 visa

Our family is very grateful to Ms. Dorothy(Chonghua)Jiang and her team for their professional services. I applied for 188 visa nominated of Victoria. Because of family reasons, I was unable to couldn't meet the residence requirement and other business requirements of Victoria, Furthermore , our 188 visa would expired soon at that time.
I was very worried about the situation, one friend introduced Ms. Dorothy to me. So I came to South Australia to meet with her. Under her very acute and professional guidance, we applied for 188 extensions, and it was granted. Kingway then assisted applying for release from VIC and relocated nomination to South Australia. By doing trade business, we successfully received the 888 visa .
During the time of waiting for the visa, we were unable to enter the country due to COVID-19 and the days of residence in Australia was not quite enough. However, through the professional and quality work by the Kingway team and providing complete trade documents, we overcame many difficulties and finally received 888 visa successfully for whole family.
In order to express our sincere thanks to Ms. Dorothy and Kingway team , I wrote a Chinese poem . Each line of Poem starts with Ms Jiang’s Chinese Name and could translated as follows.
Jiang just like a pilot while sailing with Kingway in Australia,
(Chong) Enable you to cross high mountain and ten thousand rivers,
(Hua) Gorgeously succeed in crossing the border after overcoming difficulties,
Enjoy flying freely in the free world.

Mr. Jin Tao,who graduated from St Peter’s College and the University of Melbourne. He is now working as a supply chain analyst.The dependent applicant of 188/888 visa

As my professional migration agent, Dorothy helped me successfully get my Australian permanent residency. Dorothy was my guardian when I came to Australia alone at the age of 13. She helped me find a suitable host family and applied to the best high school in South Australia. She took great care of me, I was very unfamiliar with everything when I first arrived in Australia but Dorothy gave me opportunities to participate in activities and integrate into local life. I will be forever grateful to Dorothy for helping me grow in Australia and wish her a fruitful career ahead.

Mrs. WuThe visa holder of 188B visa

When I was traveling in South Australia in 2015, I was deeply impressed by the good living and education environment of Australia. After returning to China, I submitted an 188C significant visa application through one Big Name migration Agent Beijing. Because the domestic agent in China did not quite understand the detailed requirements as I would expected from the Big Name, the application was unfortunately rejected. After that, I contacted few local in Australia and they all did not come up any good solutions because of the previous decision record.
Finally, recommended by my friend , we approached Dorothy of Kingway Company for help. We always call her- Xiao Jiang. I remember she spent one afternoon analyzing our application record. Dorothy then identified strategies for us in the meeting room with her experience and advised us to submit a fresh 188B instead of 188C. After getting everything well prepared for two years, she confidently submitted our application in late 2018.
While I am onshore waiting for the visa, Xiao Jiang also applied for a Student and Student Guardian visa to support me and my children to be able to study and live in Australia. Two years later, we receive the visa very smoothly. Many migration agents thought that it was difficult to apply for it , but she successfully helped us get 188B!
During the waiting period, Dorothy helped our other kids with School application She also helped my friend apply for a visiting visa. I feel that her whole team is very considerate, warm-hearted, really attention to detail and very professional.
Thanks for Dorothy and her team very much for fulfil our family dream. Our whole family is very grateful for her!
I believe Dorothy’s Kingway will become more and more successful. I strongly recommend you choose the service of Kingway if you want to apply for a visa. I believe it will be a right choice for you!

Mr. FAN and Mr. YANG, the directors of their companyare holders of 163/892 visa. Their visas were successfully granted since they have operated successful businesses in exporting wine.

Kingway not only provided our family with a very thorough migration visa service in China, but also assisted us in setting up our home and starting up our business activities in South Australia. This helped everything go smoothly in our lives. Thanks so much!

Miss Sunny GU who graduated from Scotch College and Flinders UniversityStudent Visa (Subclass 500)

Kingway was more like a home to me when I was 15. They treated me like family and helped me solve my visa problems and took care of my study life in Australia. I graduated from Bachelor of nursing at Flinders University. I trust them and believe that Kingway is the best !

Mr. LI, the civil engineerThe applicant for 189 Skilled Independent visa from subclass 457

Thanks Kingway for giving me an opportunity to build a life and open up new career opportunities in Adelaide, Australia.

Mr. WangThe visa holder of 188/888 visa

After we got the 188 visa in China and first came to Australia, we found Kingway. Since the previous visa service agent in China was unable to provide supporting follow-up services in Australia, we had no idea what the conditions and requirements were during the transition from 188 visa to 888 visa. We bought properties in Melbourne when our application to South Australian state nomination was approved. The deadline had expired by the time when this problem was found. And we couldn't meet the requirements of personal assets at all. We were very anxious and almost wanted to give up.
After being introduced by a friend, I met Ms. Jiang, a migration agent from Kingway. She quickly spotted the issue, made adjustment plans, and communicated with the South Australian Immigration Department on our exemption method for insufficient personal assets. Under the guidance of the Kingway team, we successfully met the company's business requirements and submitted the application for our 888 visa before our provisional visa expired. Our 888 visa was successfully granted and our family is very grateful to the Kingway team. They are well-experienced and were always willing to help whenever we had problems.